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Use Pineapple On Public Wifi?


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Im curious to know if i could use like a public WiFi and have the WiFi Pineapple Mark VI use the Public WiFi internet or would i need to have the WiFi Pineapple plugged into a Ethernet. Cause i was think that maybe if i had a laptop connected to a Starbucks WiFi then maybe i could use the laptop has a host since it would have a source of internet on it.

Could it work that way or would i need have a Ethernet connections to the pineapple i kinda don't wanna use a Internet source that is being paid for by me i mean if someone was do be sniffing my traffic on my internet or possibly using my internet to break the law i'd be responsible for not having my internet protected.

If it is possible to have a laptop connected to a WiFi access point any ideal how i'd go about configuring the pineapple to share the Public WiFi from the laptop.

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So what your saying is i can be connected to a Free WiFi via wlan0 and setup the pineapple to use that free WiFi from wlan0 or does the pineapple have to be connected to the laptop via Ethernet cable haven't found much information on the Pineapple i just wanna be able to be connected to a Public WiFi and have the WiFi Pineapple be able to use that public wifi internet without having to connect the pineapple to the modem that is giving the internet.

just got the WiFi Pineapple Mark VI last night so haven't had much time i did try using the default wp4.sh bash script but not sure if i set the stuff up right.

going to give it another try.

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just got the WiFi Pineapple Mark VI last night
wow Mark VI already :P

But why don't you connect your laptop to the Free WiFi and connect the pineapple to your laptop using a ethernet cable connected to PoE/LAN port?

This way you have free internet and when you run the wp4.sh script on your laptop the clients connected to the pineapple also have internet.

I don't think you can connect your pineapple to the Free WiFi access point and at the same time use functions like Karma.

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