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Browser Database Module (project) Edit

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How about a page that collects browser information like browser version, os version, java enabled-or-not etc. I remember using this method on a educational research once and it works particularly well when you also make a survey about their knowledge in computers. I masked myself as their isp, made a fake copy of the isp's website (wget magic ;) )asked about simple things and in there I blended questions like "What antivirus do you use?" in order to get information beyond the limits of PHP and javascript.

For now the page supports IP, browser type, OS type, Geolocation (if you have permissions it shows the coordinates :)). It also detects plugins and MIMEs (the different file formats and the applications associated with them).

I will also add MAC addresses and a neat WEB GUI where the live hosts will be shown and you press a "Show Details" button that shows all the details for that user.

EDIT: I edited MAC, and Username, as well as the WEB GUI(partially). Now the results are saved in a "database" file which contains all the information for all the known hosts. The hosts are recognized by MAC address. No duplicate data will be recorded on the database if the data for that host already exists, but it will add the data if the person visits with a new browser. I still need to add some options and then I will make it available for testing. I updated the screenshots, hope you like it. Feel free to submit any suggestions(actually I encourage you). Cheers. :)


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