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[Question] Couple Questions...

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My USB rubber ducky is on its way, and I wanted to know a couple things so that I can get started right away :)

My first question concerns the duckencoder... what's the difference between GUI and MENU within the script?

Secondly, does anyone know any scripts that will send saved passwords from someone's main browser to an email/FTP server?

Thirdly, Is there a way to access a desktop icons properties from the keyboard?

Finally, Are the payloads from the ducky github seriously all there is? Although there's a lot left for development this product has a huge amount of potential!

Thanks for your time and any responses you might leave. :)

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I will recommend that you spend a little time going through the forum, reading the wiki, and testing on your own

GUI = pressing the START key

Menu = same as right clicking on a object

You can create your own payloads, so the sky is the limit

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