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I have a usb drive on my MKIV that has a directory containing all the original files such as spoofhost, wpsscript crontabs/root, rc.local etc. along with a bash script that will copy them to their proper location. This is an easy reset for any mods. I also have other directories with the individual mods like random rick roll, chat roll, and so on, along with the respective bash script to copy the modded files into place, then reboot.

It would not be difficult to add a script in crontabs that would check the contents of a specific file periodically, or even check websites for specific information (auto-adaptive?) and activate these bash scripts accordingly. A simple SCP command from a remote device could activate any of these features with very little effort. The addition of python could allow for txt message feed back from the device to your phone if needed. Might even be able to set this up with voice commands on the android for a few more cool points. This device has incredible potential, and it is only in its infancy.

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great idea.was woundering if we could setup teamviewer sessions with ventrilo or teamspeak and help eachother out.have an active jasager chat available or such.

just throwing stuff out enjoying some budlight platinum

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The addition of python could allow for txt message feed back from the device to your phone if needed.

If you set up tweepy in python you will get a "Timestamp out of bounds" error when your pineapple attempts to post. The following fixed this issue on my MKIV.

in /etc/config/system add the lines:

config 'timeserver'

list 'server' '0.openwrt.pool.ntp.org'

list 'server' '1.openwrt.pool.ntp.org'

list 'server' '2.openwrt.pool.ntp.org'

list 'server' '3.openwrt.pool.ntp.org'

You may also need/want to change line 2 to your local timezone.

option 'timezone' 'UTC'

Add the command 'date -k' to /etc/rc.local

Simple python tweet test:


import os

import tweepy

import string

import time

tweetline = " "





auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(consumer_key, consumer_secret)

auth.set_access_token(access_token, access_token_secret)

api = tweepy.API(auth)

tweetline = "Pineapple tweet test"



Did your laptop get stolen?

Think you might know where it is?

Instant remote 802.11 surveillance anyone?

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The more I work with the MKIV in different scenarios, and configurations, the more I see the need to have it "internet aware" so it can decide if it is capable of sending alerts, uploading information, or quietly save everything for later. Until I find a more bandwidth friendly solution, (currently no dig on the pineapple) I created the following script in my usb folder named iconnect.sh and ran 'chmod +x iconnect.sh' then added '/usb/iconnect.sh &' to /etc/rc.local



while [ 1 ]; do

touch /usb/online

rm /usb/online


$WGET http://www.google.com -O /usb/online &> /dev/null

sleep 15



Any program that collects data can now check for the existence of /usb/online so it can decided whether to upload the information, or store it.

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