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Wireless Ap With Linux


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Are you asking which episode it was or which distro he used?

You can use pretty much any distribution to build a wireless access point, most of the tools needed are standard parts of EVERY distro, and the rest are almost always available in the official repository.

Many home access points and routers are already running a Linux distribution, such as OpenWRT or a derivative, internally.

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To me, the openwrt x86 version works better than the ddwrt x86 version on x86. To each, his or her own.

Would love to see a x86 version of the pineapple.

I used ddwrt-x86 on a virtual machine project a while back. I was trying to simulate a network for a new POS system I was installing for a restaurant I do work for. I wanted to try out different software in VM's with there own router. It worked OK. It was far from perfect.

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