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Website For Viewing Dns Settings


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About a year ago I used this website that looked up all the dns records about a domain. Then it would tell you possible issues with the dns such as two name servers having the same ip address, or if an a record would not ping back, and so on. I found it using a free hosting control panel that you would add on to a windows or Linux machine. But now I can't even remember which control panel that I used to find it. It wasn't a tool of the control panel but it linked to the website. I was hoping someone would know what the website was called or if anyone knows of another one.

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http://wois.domaintools.com and http://www.ewhois.com are two I like to use a lot but YMMV on results. Sometimes, records are cached or outdated. I even added http://wois.domaintools.com to the short cuts in the official backtrack default home page at one point.

If you need current IP to Domain Name data, open a command line and ping the website or run nslookup, or if on Linux you can also use dig.

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Made a article earlier in ma blog to explore the DNS records in domain


And looks like u want to finger print the DNS rame and name servers and register and registrant names ..! be safe while you scan those sites

i would use



http://whois.domaintools.com (such a awesome site fr fingerprinting it also tell the total no of websites hosted on a particular server, no of times dns name change, website thumbnails and some great stats)

earlier i was checking more infrmation from each RIR(Regional intenet registries)






Once you find the website is from some location you can even dig deeper using appropriate RIR lookup database trust me they have many resources for free like the refresh interval tiime, last reboot , server admin mail ids e.t.c but this features can be unlocked if u pay money in the other websites i have mentioned...

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