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Connection Issues In Linux


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SO I played around literally the whole day with my device but still didn't get it to work.

I bought a La Fonera on ebay and following the instructions I installed the Jasager 1.2 ( I tried the version 2.1 but couldn't get it so I figured baby steps...)

I did the instalation using windows and everything occured ok. I even could connect from other computers and see myself listed and everything.

So I wanted to try and get some connectivity going. Get some man in the middle going and try some packet sniffing from one of my machines to the other.

SO I went to a linux machine I recently installed.

I followed the tutorial on here and unfortunatelly I had no luck.

I still have the same problems:

-On the linux machine I have the fon connected I don't get any internet connection as long as I have the FON on (eth0 active)

- On other machines I can connect to my fake "home network" but I have also no connection.

I thought would be better to restart from the beginnning since I played a couple of files into the LaFonera but I also didn't find any infos and I didn't wanna mess it more.

So sumarizing:

(Basic hardware/software from first version (yeah that from the guide of episode 4x05) )

-Jasager v1.2

-Kamikaze 7.09

-Ip from LaFonera box (since I followed the tutorial)

-OS: Linux Ubuntu 11.04

-Tried to get connection using the link above with version "pineapple-0.9.1"

-The problem appears every time

-The only ping that gets a respond is by ssh into the device and ping

Hope someone can help me!


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Honestly, I would suggest buying a Mark IV from the HakShop.

I believe the Mark III firmware will run on the Fon2100. I would flash with that firmware instead of the original firmware. I still have my original Fon2100 Jasager for Historical sake running the V1 firmware, but it's really moved leaps and bounds since the Jasager Classic.

It almost sounds like you don't have ip_forward enabled or properly setup.

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