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Minolta Xe-7 Slr 35mm Camera


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This camera has been in storage for over ten years. It worked when I stopped using it right before I put it in storage but I don't know if it still works. It probably needs to be disassembled and cleaned and lubricated or whatever you do to refresh a camera. It definitely needs a new battery. I've read some reviews about these cameras from some well respected photography nerds. Some of them say the XE-7 is one of the best SLRs ever made for the consumer market. It has a Rokkor 50mm lens that has some dust or something inside that would need to be cleaned out. One of the coolest things about this camera is the integral light sensor with a needle inside the viewfinder that shows the light level. You can see in the pictures that this camera has all kinds of extra functions and adjustments, but I don't know what most of them are.

I don't know what the camera is worth in this condition, so if you're interested just make an offer!


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