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Controlling A Teensy


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If you could be more specific on what you are trying to accomplish, we may be able to come up with a solution.

ok Mr-Protocol,

sorry for my bad english.

I have an usb device and i would like to simulate the plug out and plug in of the device.

If the device is connected a software is starting and checking the device for some informations. (VID, PID)

There was a problem that i could not get all informations and so i would like to test it. (No simulation)

At the moment i have to plug out and in the device every time.

This step should be automated.

So if using the device manager i am not sure if windows does the same when really plug in and out.

Because of that i thought that powering on and off could help.

Is this specific enough?

I dont know how to tell it bedder in english :(

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