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Freesshd Public Key


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So I'm really liking this proxy series and finally I gave a shot at using private and public keys using ssh. However I'm getting this error: http://www.freesshd.com/index.php?ctt=forum&action=view&topic=1173943044

The server is Server 2008R2 as a DC running freesshd. The client is win7 ultimate using putty. Now I keep getting access denied whether it be password or public key. After some googling I found this: http://www.freesshd.com/index.php?ctt=forum&action=view&topic=1198291953

Created a special group (SSH User's) and allowed the logon locally property.

Which then allowed me to log on via password, then a few days later including today I can no longer login period. I can't wait until Darren goes into the server setup series.

Curious to know how you guys have your ssh server setup using win server OS? What SSH Client plays best with Server 2k8? I've played with freesshd and copsshd mostly.

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I've always run OpenSSH on *nix systems. I'm not sure about about SSH servers for Windows systems.

Yea I don't mind using linux if I have to for that 1 specific purpose. I'll setup a VM with ubuntu. I can't wait until Darren gets into the server side setup's more in detail. So nobody here use's windows for the server side using private keys?

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