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I'm helping a friend out with a website. I know html and am teaching myself javascript at the moment but need some advice on other things I need to know to complete the project. Its basic site but my friend also wants to add a facility to allow people to register as members in order to download pdfs and some exe files. He would also like the ability to keep track of who has downloaded what. It is not necessary for the members to register themselves - he would input and maintain the register of members himself.

Any pointers about what I need to know in order to accomplish this would be appreciated.

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Sounds like you'll need to learn a scripting language for the web, and possibly some basic SQL. A very popular option which I found easy to learn is PHP and MySQL. Registration pages are pretty simple since you write HTML form tags in your .php file which should post to itself, check if the forum was competed, and give out the PDF files while inserting the info into an SQL table.

Aside from php.net I found phpbuilder.com to be a great resource. I'd also check hotscripts and sourceforge to see if there is existing code you can modify.

And as always, there are plenty of tools for the job so I'm sure someone will chime in and mention perl, ruby, python, etc

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