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Best antivirus and antispyware comparisons


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I know that I've seen some good, reputable comparison tests and reviews of anti-virus and anti-malware software recently, but I can't seem to find them.

I'm looking for ones that actually pit the programs against one another and compare how much they found or how quickly they responded. Bonus points if it's from a really reputable company in the industry - someone who's name alone proves they're accurate and reliable.

Have you seen any good ones recently?

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I know what I like and use (nod32 and AAW/spybot/spysweeper, IYMK)

But I want to make a recomendation to my employer - the IT security guy has a comparison from some 'Information Security' magazine which reccomends Adaware Pro (even over the superior Spy Sweeper and Spy Doctor), and Symantec Corporate (clearly not the true leader). Needless to say, I question their testing methodologies.

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