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Another internet not working question...

RDR Dreg

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...but this is just confusing!

Well my internet dose not work after in downgraded my msn version to tweak it. Well i guess i must of downloaded a virus or something like that.

This is what is going on

1)I can connect to my router with full conectivity

2)No packets are comming through

And that is it but this is what I have tried so far to fix the problem.

1)Reconfiguration my connection settings firewall and all that

2)Setup a new wireless connection so it is defulted but still no internet comes through

3)Tried system restore

4)Tried AVG anti virus and a few spywarte scans

5)Starting up in safemode

I dont know what elce to do, I do not want to reformat...i never have and the chances are i will never need to.

I know you guys are all experianced in fixing problems like this because they happen so often with noobs like me comming on trying to fix it

Thank you!

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I believe you're jumping to conlcusions far too soon.

First I would get rid of the new connections you created and simply do a hard-reset on your router. (This is usually done by pressing a small button on the back of the router). Once resetted, connect to your router (open FF/IE and type in or whatever your router's default IP is) and follow the router's instructions on how to set it up correctly.

Once complete let us know if you're still having problems. In the hundreds of times I've had to mess with people's routers because "their internet wasn't working". That's all I've had to do for 95% of them.

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What makes you so certain that it's your machine that's misbehaving?

Maybe the router died? Maybe your ISP's pipes have gotten full? Maybe some admin somewhere is having a bad hair day? And any of those situations just happens to coincide with you downgrading MSN (and just so you know, if you really feel that was the cause of it, maybe it would be a good idea to go back to the previous version again).

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If you're connecting wirelessly and you have a 'key' or 'passphrase' you use to connect (WEP or WPA). Then double check that you have it correct. Then, even if you're sure it's correct, put it in windows again. (in the properties of the connection). Sometimes windows will 'connect' but not actually be connected and that seems to fix it?

What brand/model of router(s) are you using?

I would also suggest that you temporarily disable/remove any firewalls you have (windows or other software). Just to simplify the whole picture and rule them out.

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Call your ISP and they will tell you to open cmd prompt and try pinging your router. Then they will walk you along to configure your internet settings.

Same problem happend to me, and it turned out that some how the ISP switched some of my user information therefore i could not connect properly.

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