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Web Based Text Editor

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I was thinking about making some phishing sites and some modules for the pineapple. I'm used to using nano and vi for file editing but sometime it just isn't the most efficient way to edit :S. So as my first 'module' I am making a basic text editor with file search and save options. I might even make it so that you can 'split the screen' so you can work with multiple files at once. What do you guys think?

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Not to be a downer, but aren't these features that already exist?

Nano and vi both support searching out of the box. You should also already have grep available for multi-file search.

Splitting the screen (both vertically and horizontally) is a feature baked into Vim, or you can use screen with any editor to split horizontally.

There are a couple of existing attempts at recreating a vi(m)-like editor for the browser. The most complete I could find was http://gpl.internetconnection.net/vi/ (hint: use Ctrl-[ for Esc).

There are certainly other (non-vi) examples as well of browser based text editors if you go looking.

That said, if you're trying to do this for the fun or the challenge then don't let me dissuade you. Writing a text editor can be an extremely worthwhile and educational endeavor for any programmer. That's part of the reason why so many programmers have written their own editors. In fact, if you plan write you own anyways then I would recommend ignoring anything that already exists out there. Checking them out will only stifle your own creativity.

Good luck.

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