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Reset Fon Password

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i set up Jasager on a Fon 2100 ages ago. i've just come to use it again and i can't remember what password i put on it.

i can get to the Jasager inferface. i can't telnet to it.(doesn't seem to be enabled)

i can ssh but it asks me for a password.

how can i get back into it ?

is there a web address i can put on to get to the underlying openwrt to bypass the jasager redirect and reset it from there ?

as a last resort can i reset it back to factory settings and install again from scratch ? have tried holding donw the reset button on it but nothing happens



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You might be better off just reflashing with mark III firmware. But it may be slow/unstable.

Otherwise google up on how to enter recovery mode on openwrt. Can't remember how it's done off hand.

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