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Squashfs With Lzma Or Perhaps Chmod'ding Files


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I was curious how the rootfs file was being made as I would like to roll my own heavily modified version of the wifi pineapple that way even when doing a reset it will go back to my pre-made setup. I was ale to re-build the filesystem and then compress it as squashfs with lzma, however when I attempt to use this file to flash my pineapple router it seems to make it unusable, it starts up but will never issue an ip or even allow me to connect when I set one manually. I was curious if perhaps this could be a file permissions issue? i noticed after extracting the base file system most of the permissions changed when I re-packed the modded files. I did test this by extracting the base files and then just trying to re-pack them without making any changes to see if it could have been a modification I was making, but even without making changes it does not function correctly.

Any tips on this, or just a point in the right direction would be helpful.



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