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/Posting from a LAN party.

Meaning 15 computer on DSL.

Meaning SLOW!!!11!!!1

Fucking Nvidia got the T-shirts wrong.


Oh well, they gave us a ton of free swag.

Even some supa rad Fan grills.

The funniest thing about the sponsorship?

We all have ATI Cards.

Anyway, back on topic.

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DSL = 2 inch e.penis

DSL in Alaska is 2 inch e.penis with shrinkage! You guys are so lucky. The comeptition among communication companies has given you all some nice options. I'm on a supposedly 1Mbit DSL connection, which is changing this morning to 3Mbit cable modem. I'll do another test later to see if there's much change. The companies you're using aren't allowed to do business in this state because we have protected monopolies. :(


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