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Hacking Or Tech Movies/documentaries?


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lol I used to have a BBS I still have the original Wildcat BBS discs & box, but switched to a WWiV system because the ANSi graphics looked more awesome and it was open source. I will have to check that movie out.. thanks

btw; I even made a BBS system which uses telnet instead of dail-up using synchronet which was pretty cool imo, so they are still around.. still working on my ANSi graphic skills lol

Nice! Glad to see some other "old guys" here! :) Definitely remember the Wildcat craze! I ran a few different BBS systems and then settled on Obv/2, because it was k-wr4d 1337 ( :) ) and was the choice of the ANSI groups like iCE, etc, and I really liked the interface. I still have my old BBS backed up on floppies too! I got rather notorious because I ran a H/P/A/V distro board (hack/phreak/anarchy/virus distro for the uninitiated), but was also a regional FidoNET coordinator, ran some great door games, etc...rode both sides of the fence...nothing changed there! :) :)

Funny you mention the telnet BBS system, because I am considering bringing my old Obv/2 board back to life just for kicks!! There's a product called NetSerial that does the telnet to com translations that I've been working on getting functional (also NetFossil apparently does this too). My problem is that I have to run the Obv/2 system in DosBOX to get it to function,and it's become rather cludgy to get it all working smoothly. I'll get it, just not enough time in a day anymore! :)

Great to meet some other oldskewl SysOPs out here in our little corner of the world, take care and good luck!!

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Jason Scott's BBS Documentary is a must see. Get Lamp is great too, but its more about text based video games and how they progressed to todays games, more games than IT security/hacking stuff but worth seeing.

Also, came across this: http://hackvids.apostolidis.net/ haven't gone though it yet though.

http://hackvids.apostolidis.net/ This is a gold mine.. i loved this.. thank u digip for this share.. :)

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