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Problems With Armitage


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sinareo one - pineapple not connected to internet I connect via BT5 via wifi this will allow me to scan clients with armitage

Sinareo two - pineapple has connection via bt5 via ethernet using wp4 script. which works well however when i run armitage i get an error

FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "msf3", database "msf3dev"

I am using the latest version of BT5 with all updates.

This problem only occurs when i am the gateway for the pineapple but assumed that if i am running as the gateway i should be able to scan this traffic??

I have tried adding into the pg_hba.conf file from what i understand this is an authentication file for postgreSQL???

Anyone else had this issue


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Have you guys made sure that you set Run as admin on Amritage and Metasploit when running in windows. Im not sure but i belive i saw somthing on the site that anti-virus software will cause you to encounter "undesired behaviour" so disable that (or maybe add exceptions). On BT5 however i had to download BT5 R2. Try this link BT5 Known Bugs maybe this might help but

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