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Laptop Mods Dell M1210


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So I've got my hands on an XPS M1210, I know its not the newest piece of hardware but it was free, and I'm planning on adding to it and fixing it up to make a nice little machine for mobile use. First upgrade was the ram from 1GB to 4GB, then I installed ubuntu 11.10, I've been digging around in manuals and parts sites and i've found a few things I'd like to run by you guys. First off in the wireless access area of the laptop there are two slots plugged into what I assume are miniPCI, one slot has my WLAN interface in it with two antenna lines connecting it and the other one is empty says WWAN on it and has no antenna connectors going into it. So after some research and reading in a manual not to put the WLAN in the WWAN slot, curiousity of course go the best of me and i ripped the WLAN Card out and put it in the WWAN slot, flip the machine over and fired it up, the system recognized it and loaded it up and then connected to my WIFI, i then passed a few sites to make sure it worked, the only downside is there is no antenna in the area so luckily i was sitting next to the AP and so it didn't need much of an antenna to function.

So Plan is to get another WLAN card, bluetooth module, a optical bay caddy for a second hard drive and two small SSD drives for good measure. I'm thinking one to run backtrack native and a larger one to run ubuntu off for everyday use.

And my questions are does anyone have any idea why they would tell me not to install a wlan in the wwan slot if it works, also i need to figure out antenna issues, when i removed the WLAN card I found a spare grey cable with a cover on it just laying under the card it has the same type of connector, as the ones attached to the WLAN card. Can i splice a length into it to get it into the WWAN compartment, or can i make a splitter for the antenna to provide signal for both cards.

If you guys have any other ideas shoot basically I want this to be a great mobile platform for doing research, it will give me to wlan cards that can drop into monitor mode or do anything I need done.

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