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Help Nedded!

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Hello all. I'm hoping I'm posting to the right location. I have received my pineapple IV. I have connected it up as per the instructions, run the wp4 file on BT5 and the SSID of pineapple is being broadcasted.

I live in a very built up area and according to airodump, there are a heck of a lot of probes being sent. Karma is turned on, and I have a 16dbi antenna on the pineapple.

Problem is, karma is not registering anything at all. The only data it picks up is when I manually connect to the pineapple ssid. I have tried using a laptop associating with my home wifi and a mobile phone. Both connect straight to the home wifi and the pineapple does not intercept the probes. Am I doing something majorly n00b here or something?

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