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One of my mates car


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He broke TWO power poles. He wasnt even speeding :/. He didn't break anything just has this huge bruise from the airbag. He had only had his P's for 6 days. He walked away and that car is a 94 holden commodore. On a lighter note i jsut got my P's.



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Modern day cars are pretty safe, especially compared to 30 years ago. Not that i'm suggesting you go drive like crazy on the roads just to test this out. Also, the main crumple zone on a car is the front where the engine is.

It looks pretty nasty though. If you hadn't told me i would have though for sure something really bad happened to somebody in the car. However, i think that he can thank luck and good engineering for the fact that he's still alive.

i jsut got my P's

i've had my Ps for probably over a year. Having no car makes them kinda useless. (I did drive a porsche one time though). Mostly they're good just for getting into bars. Bounces always look extra careful at Ls

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