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Karma And Wireless Range Problems


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Guys i've solved my problem!!!! :) I'm so happy! :D Here's what you can do if you're experiencing my same problems and if you, like me, live outside the US and it's difficult to return the pineapple for an exchange..However, investigating the problem i supposed that IPX RP-SMA cable was messed up (but i don't know how) and so i've decide to buy a new one like this http://www.ebay.it/itm/Cavo-Cavetto-Adattatore-Pigtail-UFL-U-FL-IPX-RP-SMA-Antenna-WiFi-Router-Wireless-/220948509258?pt=Cavi_Prolunghe_Convertitori&hash=item33718eb24a#ht_2307wt_1163. I've opened the pineapple , carefully removed the glue and then the pigtail cable itself..It's simple to remove and insert , is interlocking. I'm a hardware newbie so you can do this operation too..Now the wifi range of Pineapple just doubled, it seems to work flawlessy..:)I hope with this post to help people that are in my same situation..


Also, at that link I notice that Italian mailpersons seem to be much hotter than their US counterparts. I'd order one of these every day if she showed up to deliver my "pig tail"...but I digress...congrats on fixing your issue! ;)


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You may want to also try "re-seating" the original antenna to make sure it was plugged in all the way. Good find though.

I thought about mentioning that, but didn't really want to advertise cracking the pineapple open. When I did mine, the antenna whip wasn't even on the glue. It was a crappy glue job and I just didn't care to fix it. :P

Yes your'r right but for now my pineapple is sealed.. I agree in fact i'm not advising to disassemble the pineapple and remove the original pigtail..But i did and it's solved the problem, it would be nice if that fix could help other people to solve the problem. :)

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