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Ics With Ubuntu


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With ubuntus network manager its really easy. Right click that wifi-symbol (nm-applet) then down there Edit connections. Then tab Wired connections, and click "Add" give it a name, and then (tab, where you can set ip, dhcp etc. ) select from drop down menu "Shared to other computers".

Then after connecting eth0 or what ever devide you are using :) select that profile from thet wifo-symbol.

I wrote it from memory, but thats pretty.much the process.

PS. i wrote this with tablet, so sorry for typos.

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Be sure to enable IP forwarding and set the masquerading rule in ip tables.

When connecting to the internet from ur attacking machine, use wicd instead of network manager for the wlan interface and use ifconfig to manually give an IP to eth0. At least on my version of Ubuntu network manager doesn't really handle 2 connections simultaneously.

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Okay, now I've following situation:


Wlan0: gw:

Eth0: gw:



I can ping the ip from the pineapple (putty/ssh), but I get no response when I ping the ip!

Ip4 forwarding is 1

Iptables are configured

I've no idea what to do!

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I've a problem with my ubuntu notebook.

I can't setup a ICS between wlan0 (is connected to a WAN router) and eth0.

It's simple to setup the ICS on a Win7 notebook:


Could so help me out?



If you are trying to do that with the pineapple here's a great howto video.

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