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[Version 1] Alt Tab

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Is anyone having issues while using


I want to be able to go to the previous window, but it's not working.

It actually just minimize and maximize the windows just like pressing GUI d

Any Ideas

Does this continue to happen when you boot in safe mode?

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Yes it also happens in safe mode.

I tried using different combination with ALT, and they work fine.

I have the first board not the red one.

Try to reset all of the key bindings. I don's understand what you mean by "not the red one." My understanding is that you only see the active window when you press ALT+TAB?

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The original ducky has a green board...

Original Board: Teensy 2.0


Irongeek's info on teensy


Code for some basic stuff (via Irongeek, modified the PressAndRelease function)

void CommandAtRunBar(char *SomeCommand)
  Keyboard.set_modifier(128); //Windows key
  Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_R); // use r key
  Keyboard.send_now(); // send strokes
  Keyboard.set_modifier(0); //prep release of control keys
  Keyboard.set_key1(0); //have to do this to keep it from hitting key multiple times.
  Keyboard.send_now(); //Send the key changes

void PressAndRelease(int KeyCode,int KeyCount,int Time_Hold)
  int KeyCounter=0;
  for (KeyCounter=0; KeyCounter!=KeyCount; KeyCounter++)
    Keyboard.set_key1(KeyCode); // use r key
    Keyboard.send_now(); // send strokes
    digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
    Keyboard.send_now(); // send strokes
    digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);


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