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Inserting Content Into Web Pages


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Hey guys,

So I'm getting comfortable with basic usage like integrating with SET for phishing and such.

I've heard references about inserting content (Darren said something like putting kittens at the top of each page). So I would like to learn how to literally put kittens at the top of all the pages requested through my pineapple.

Please tell me what I need to learn to do this. What is the basic theory behind this? Some reading references would be great.

I'm just trying to learn some new stuff so any help is greatly appreciated.


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I noticed no one has replied to this so I will for you now :)

The easiest way to do this is to also run ettercap on your computer alongside the pineapple. Create an ettercap filter to replace images with a one you specify.

Search google for ettercap filters as there are a few and theres a good vid tutorial by irongeek.

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