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Conference Web Server

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I oversee the technical side of a large traveling conference (networks, AV, internet, everything) Recently the client asked to start making conference materials available for download to laptops, tablets, etc. to save on printing. The materials are available on the website before and during the conference, but wifi in the venues is not always reliable. Even if we bring in a bigger pipeline the venues infrastructure can't handle that many users.

Question: I want to setup a local web server, no internet access, and connect attendees directly to our wifi network that will host our website (a functioning copy). I am looking for an easy way to run the website from a simple webserver (I'm thinking running WAMP or MAMP, etc.) and pointing anyone that logs onto the open wifi network (I'd setup) to that site. I need a wifi router to work in a large ballroom and a way to configure everything to work together. Is there a way with DD-WRT or the like to set this up. I want to keep costs low as this is really a proof of concept for now. I hope to avoid paying for dedicated T1 or larger lines for a two day thing.

Maybe 300 people downloading ~20 2mb files over a 2-3 day conference. Most ballrooms are 10,000 sq ft or less.

- Webserver, separate or integrated into a router?

- Wifi router

- Portable setup

- Configuration?



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Since you will have that many number of users, you could have multiple access points, for load distribution purposes, so that performance won't be so degraded because of too many users fighting for the same bandwidth.

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I just built a home router that does what you want.

Part list:

Dell Optiplex gx520 used ebay $50 or use a better pc.

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP $70-$80 (range 400ft-600ft) may need more than one.

I installed ubuntu and the controller software for Unifi.

Use this for help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router

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