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Pineapple Mk 4 Battery Options

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@Ted summers,

Have you connected the pineapple to the astro3 with the DC coupler from the 12v output?

Does the package come with a usb cable suitable to plug into the pineapple?

I can confirm this works the cable that the astro3 comes with that plugs into the 12/9 volt, it is the same size as the mark4:-)

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Brilliant! How Much life do you get with a usb stick plugged in?

I haven't tested battery life, used it for an hour:-p

I think this is the battery to get for sure, outputs 12 volts, 2 usb ports:-)

just waiting for someone to confirm what powered usb hubs are working from the start of powering the pineapple? I am pulling my hair trying to get just a thumb drive and alfa NHA working together.

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I only have a 3g modem and 4gb sandisk fit plugged into a small hub which onlys powers from the pineapple usb, not bothered with the alfa usb wifi yet, as they don't autostart and begin wifi teathering etc from boot, although the deauth etc would be useful, I mostly just rely on been the strongest signal and getting clients.

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