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Random Roll Page Php Version

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Ok, so this nifty 'lil device has outgrown my abilities (as if I really had any). I have moved employment and now work in a very network rich environment (think shopping mall). I haven't really gotten into the 'funny' stuff using the pineapple, I've always used it to boot ppl from their network and then log their traffic for, ahem, research purposes.

But now I wanna play a little bit.

Concerning the nyanCat roll;

  • Does the location of the files need any updating since the ui is now at -> /www folder no longer holds the pineapple directory (does this matter?)
  • Will anyone ever get the pineapple bar to install to sdCard? (for use with 3G modems) I would absolutely LOVE to have a working usb-hub so that I may have a host of hardware/tools connected to the pineapple, but for all practical purposes, this seems a lost cause. But having the sdCard function would prove quite productive as this enables you to have a modem as well as storage, all while using only one usb slot. I have gotten pretty far with this in the past; able to get opkg to load to the sdCard instead of internal or usb. Swap works too.
  • Have the file extensions of index & redirect been changed from html to php?


Looks like the pineapple bar now installs to sdCard. Now mounts in /usb instead of /mnt!

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OK, I found the RandomRoll module in the Pineapple Bar.

I think that what I really want is the Man in the Middle module.

You along with loads more here :)

Check out the following, it seems to be the most promising piece of software for the pineapple until WhistleMaster and DigiNinja have finished. (Give them time, it's the holidays for them too :-) )

The best wayto make sure that everything works in relation to the auto rick roll is to use the module system.

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