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Vga Monitor Hack


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I am trying to build an oscilloscope from an old CRT, for this I need the screen to be always on and display a white solid.

Is there anyone who understands the VGA 'protocol' who can help me creating a small device which makes the screen it is connected blank?

Thanks in advance.

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My monitor shuts of when there is no signal, but I want it to stay awake and display a white solid.

Wont happen unless you get a signal generator to not only give it a signal with sync, but also an all white signal to display. Can't say I've ever seen an all white with nothing over it.

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You'd have to tear the CRT apart and replace the circuitry that makes it a vga (a monitor) with the electronics of a 'scope to actually get it to do that function well. Watch out for the hot side of the flyback/plate transformer and associated caps if you do pop it open, those could hold enough residual voltage to land you on your rear or worse! An oscilloscope has several time-based functions (a variable oscillator) which does the horizontal trace combined with a signal amplifier/buffer function which modulates the vertical direction. True scopes have a grid so one can actually calculate things like frequency based on the waveform displayed.. an experimental scope might not need that. I suspect it would be somewhat complicated to actually perform this conversion.

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