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Mk Iv Update Didn't Work And Now Can't Access


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I brought a Mk IV from the online shop.

Followed the instructions as per the slip of paper in the box

It had 1.0.0 on it

Following http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=25753 I was going to update it

Connected to the web interface. Went to the upgrade page. Via a LAN cable in the LAN port

Selected the upgrade.bin file

Press upgrade

Instantly I got "The connection was reset" In firefox. Can't SSH or Ping it

Waited 60 min I'll just give it some time

Still no luck

Left unplugged for a minute or so

Left LAN plugged in

Plugged power back in

PWR LAN and WPS come up bright then LAN and WAN alternate a couple of times then LAN blinks a few time and then LAN goes dim

Have tried LAN cable in both plugs

Having no luck connecting to it.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated for getting it working.

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Try connecting to it over wireless?

The PoE port is the one you should use to hook up to it. (The jack closest to the DC Power plug).


Setting your NIC to and do a constant ping on and then plug in power to your pineapple and see if it pings that way. But after the boot loader it should change over to

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