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Hacked Facebook Question


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Hey hak5 fans,

I have a question. My friend got her facebook account hacked. they changed the facebook id but i know what it is and they changed the email and password. I tried to use facebooks account recovery process where you use your friends to help you recover your account but when i get to the step to enter the friends it says i have to login to facebook from a computer and complete the instructions. Well the problem is I can't login to do that because it is hacked. Any Ideas? the only thing i know about the new email is it is a Ymail.com email. Any suggestions??

Thanks, Lulz

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I was wondering about this too. As employees use our computers for Facebook. Where is the information saved if the person saves his or her login and password. Cookie temp file. Someone showed me some freeware to do this if they logged in on that computer. Tested it on a dummy account. This leads me to believe it is stored as a generic cookie or temp Internet file. What needs to be tried, have it remember a login and password. Delete temporary Internet files and cookies and see if it still remembers the login.

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Yeah but my problem is that someone around the world hacked it and they changed the email, password, and facebook ID. They didn't change anything else because they want it to look like a real facebook account but its not. I need to get it back and the friend solution on facebook isn't working.

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I know the best way to prevent any facebook account from ever being hacked. It works 100% of the time.

Don't have a facebook.


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