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External Gpus / Number Crunching


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Hi All,

I bumped in to a big problem the other day when it all of a sudden occurred to me that I have no processing power while I'm out on the move. Normally I would connect to home where I have some heavy hardware to do pass cracking etc… but I’m not always in a situation where I can do this.

I use a modified 1015PX eeePC to get the job done while I’m on the move but it does not have an express port. The USB ports are 2.0 and the only solution I’ve found thus far is this…


…and this…


What does everyone else do when they are pen-testing out in the field and need extra grunt for pass cracking / number crunching stuff?



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Best solution, is have a cloud based service you can send your hashes to for cracking, like making a dedicated box you DMZ to the web, or VPN into. That would be my suggestion. If no internet access is an issue while at the location you are testing, then sending it over your cell to the cracker and having it email or SMS you would be even better.

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I like the SMS idea. For some of those cases it would be ideal. Any ideas on how to configure this? Is there a simple method of sending SMSs from BackTrack using an android attached device?

There are cases where I like using cloud services but I have some hefty hardware at home which does the job nicely most of the time.

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I don't personally have experience with SMS servers from home, but two I have heard of are Kannel and PlaySMS. They might do what you are looking for, but I've no clue how they work.

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