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Updating thinclient firmavare


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I'm trying to update the firmware on about 150 thin clients and i use a program called Wyse Rapport 4.4.1 to push the update image (contains drivers, firmware ++) over a network, i got a Windows 2003 server (enterprise) to run a DHCP server.

The Wyse Rapport program is supposed to list all the thin clients on the network so that i can select them and just drag and drop the image to them, then the thin client is supposed to reboot and install the image.

The clients get connected to the network with my DHCP server, i can ping them and all is good, only the wyse rapport program won't list the clients, i even tried to connect the clients manually by typing the IP address, MAC address and so on but with no success.

Does anybody know why this don't work?

Or maybe somebody got another program i can use to do this?

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