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Question for everyone, I am learning ethical hacking but I feel I am not getting the information I want. I would like to ask people where should a person start and do I follow the procedures from the ethical hacking book. Or do I do something like the offesec training. Please I really would like to start knowing and not be consider a script kiddie but someone that has knowledge and training.

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Seeing as this gets asked at least a couple of times a month I decided to do a talk about it at BSides London. To get the info needed to answer all the questions I created a survey asking the general security community all the questions similar to yours.

You can see info about it and a sneak preview of some of the results at:



The conference is towards the end of April and I don't know how long it will take to get the videos out but I'll either do a full write up for my blog or I may try to get it published through one of the oneline magazines, whichever I'll be tweeting about it.

I'm also due to be on the Securabit podcast next week to talk about it so will be giving out some more results then.

Sneak preview, from my point of view, is to chose an area you enjoy (not where you think the cash is), get involved in the community around that area and do your research. Ask questions and, importantly, report back results. If you are asking a question then despite how daft it may sound to you there are bound to be loads of other people thinking it so you asking it then answering it starts to get you recognised. If you can either start your own project or join in with another, coding, bug reporting/fixing, testing, writing docs, anything will do, just get stuck in there and you will learn.

Hope that helps.

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well you can always go to your local college and sign up for one of there class there, if they have the network & computer security degree there and go that route.

Also youtube is a power tool too

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I don't mean to disrespect you, but there a few threads on the hak5 forums, that you should've checked before posting.

They basically have the answers to your question.

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