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Kind of.

Dino Dia Zovi wrote the original Karma years ago and it worked on the original Madwifi driver. Madwifi moved to Madwifi-ng and he didn't port the patches so my first real security project was to take over and port them across and get the project working again.

As well as kernel driver patches it came with a framework of tools which included a HTTP server, DNS, DHCP and a bunch of others that could be used to capture credentials and info. I kept them going as well.

The first Jasager used my Madwifi-ng kernel patches to get a similar affect running on the Fon.

Madwifi-ng slowly dropped out of favour and was replaced by ath5k and ath9k and to handle the Master mode hostapd. The latest pineapple runs a patched hostapd app which also runs fine on a PC.

Karmetasploit took the original Karma framework and integrated it into Metasploit, originally with some of my stuff and a mix of my Madwifi-ng patches and some work that HDM did on them himself. They dropped Madwifi at some point preferring to move to Airbase-ng which uses monitor mode to emulate Master mode. This allows for a wider audience as it isn't tied to the Atheros wifi chipset but as it is only Master mode emulation it isn't as quick or reliable.

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