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Changing Ipaddr


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I need to be able to use ICS with winXP, but it uses as mandatory IP assigned to interface Local Area Connection. So ....

Pineapple Hardware Version Mark IV

Pineapple Software Version 1.0.2

OS used to connect to the pineapple: winXP/bt5

Network layout of how your setup is connected: here lies the confusion

All the tools/options that are running on the pineapple when the issue happened: n/a

Steps taken which created the problem: I want to edit /etc/config/network, but if I assign option 'gateway' to, what do I assign to option 'ipaddr' ? Then to use bt5, I just answer when it asks to assign ip to eth0?

Anything else that was attempted to 'fix' the problem: Most of my posts so far are from this. Let me explain:

I have winXP, so that's diff for me to use ICS. If I wanted to use my 4G dongle for connection, I think I have to use windows.(I am unable at present to get much going in ways of warez on the dongle while attached to pineapple, so I have set up a 16gb cruzer for pineapple. But here I am back at using winXP to share connection.) I can use bt5 to share wlan0 by using the wp4 script, but I haven't even attempted to get the dongle to work with bt5 yet. Been swamped with learning, attempting, studying result, adjusting, attempting.....

I truly appreciate any input. This thing is amazing. I have learned much due to 'digging-in'.

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