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Homeless Hotspots


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Came across this bit on the Daily Show.


Visitors of the South by Southwest festival in Austin have found an interesting outlet for access to high-speed Internet connections: the homeless. A test program called Homeless Hotspots -- described as a "charitable experiment" by creators BBH Labs -- takes members of Austin's homeless population and equips them with 4G MiFi devices.

Darren... Security??

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I dont understand how this takes advantage of them? Im sure they can say no they dont want to. I mean if they dont have a job this gives them the ability to at least get some form of honest income. Then again this is the first i am hearing about the subject and have not had a chance to see what its all about.

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This has got to be a joke yes ? homless people dont have a wall socket to charge the damn phone from. Whoever thought of the scheme needs his head examined :rolleyes:

This concept has been around for a while, and from what I understand, so far successful. Its gotten a lot of criticism, but I think if the homeless person is happy making some extra cash, let them.

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