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Vmware Esxi 5


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I'm running a VMware esxi 5 server that I want one of the VMs to be a router/firewall (Untangle) for the network. I am thinking I have to bridge the adapters to that VM but I can't figure out how in the Vsphere client. I did find one video where he doesn't do anything, and just makes the VM have 4 NICs and just installs the firewall OS. Has anyone seen any sites that could help? Or am I going about this the wrong way, and I don't need to bridge them the way I am thinking. It's going to need to be the router for both the VM machines and the rest of the physical network.


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If you set your VM interface to bridge it will place, the vm on the same subnet as your LAN. Furthermore, I have found that you can also change your NIC settings through Vmware CLI.


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