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Facebook Contes Autovotes?


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Hello so i entered my pet in this contest and i want to win but the other contestant is using autovotes.. so i wanna use that method too

but i can figure out what application the contest is on

can u please help me:D and tell me the applications name? and if possible a link of an autovoter software that would work :D

thank u



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Unless the voting doesn't filter votes by IP address, you should be able to just use a script to post the vote result to the site at random intervals, continually. If you hammered it, it would look like a DoS attack, so not really smart to use something like an auto-voter. If however they only allow 1 IP per user vote, then chances are he isn't using an auto-vote script. He would need unique IP addresses and Facebook user logins, which would require something like a botnet to carry out the vote. I doubt that is happening.

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