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Queensland Police To Trial Hi-tech Surveillance Drones To Chase Criminals


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QUEENSLAND police officers are testing a hi-tech surveillance drone that can be used to chase criminals, detect drug crops and find missing people all at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter.


Read more: http://www.news.com.au/technology/attack-of-the-drones/story-e6frfro0-1226298835589#ixzz1p3o0tgVX

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Thats pretty cool they're wanting to utilize drones I'm almost certain it could help detect drug crops since such a small device wouldn't draw as much attention as a full size helicopter. The only issues I think there would be are the limited range/battery although 30 minutes is not bad at all, the assumed lack of IR (to detect individuals in hiding in foliage) and the odd situation when you would need to chase someone. I mean with the full sized helicopter you just zoom out a little or go up a few more feet and you have a better view where with the drone you might have a little more trouble doing so. Also what if something happens to the drone say a bird flies into it and the thing comes down on a bystander or damage property? I know probably really really rare but when is the last time you've heard of a police heli' falling out of the sky and hitting someone/something?

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That is really some cool stuff, I plan on doing the same with my RC airplane, mounting some cameras on the front and have the images relayed to a ground station.

Also with the right transmitter and receiver, these things can get pretty distant from you, it would be very hard for the pilot to see it from a far distance.

Moreover, running it off Lipo batteries may not get you a long flight duration but it's sure makes things a lot quieter and cleaner than petrol/nitro engines.

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So how do we legally jam/disable/shoot these things down? :)

That will depend on what transmitters (remote control) the police is using. If they are operating on the standard band like the 35.000mhz and if you can transmit on that same band you will definitively bring it down.

There is also the 2.4ghz band transmitters, which is widely used by many aeromodelling club around the world, this one will be a little bit harder to temper with.

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