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Containing Infected Files On A Usb Drive?


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What is it you are trying to do, move them via USB drive? Throw the non-running program in a 7-ZIP or RAR file, password protect it and copy wherever you need to. Then no one can accidentally run it without knowing the password to get it out of the archive file. Safe transport and shouldn't be an issue for AV since scanning would require decompression and the password put in to copy out to temp file. Unless I misunderstood the question...

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So I've been sitting and toying around with different encryption tools for my usb drive and i was wondering if there is any antivirus/firewall that can contain different virusfiles on a specific folder on the drive without it spreading ?

Yes it is possible, most antivirus have what's called a virus chest where it contains any virus/worm it detects so it can't re-infect the system. You could try moving/extracting it to a folder, where you could later compress or encrypt it.

I would recommend Avast, in addition it could prove challenging to move/extract the virus from the chest as it could trigger the AV filters and render your efforts useless.

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@digip I've recently started getting into programming and felt like it would be fun to safely study virus code as well as constructing some minor harmless ones myself and i needed a fully secure USB drive to transport it between locations.

@Infiltrator Thanks avast was perfect and easy to use, i created a virus chest on the usb and the encryption programs i was trying to use apparently didnt work on drives but it worked wonders on the virus chest so problem solved, thank for the help everyone !


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