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Bt5 Eth0 Wlan Connect Same Time Problems


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I am using backtrack 5 r1 at the moment. I was able to use the script to connect to to the pineapple when i am connected to the eth0 but when i connect to wifi i am no longer able to get into the pineapple. I know this is very basic i am just lost. I am more into the internal electronics than the coding. But i bought a pineapple 4 so i could learn something new. It is very hard to surf through post about different topics. I can also ssh into the pineapple when i am connected of course. I tried to use tcpdump but it said ip4 not set or something like that. If anybody would like to help it would be great. I would be glad to help on electronic questions so i can give back to the community.

I forgot to say i was able to share internet when i was tethering in windows 7 . I would like to learn how to use linux am trying to learn something new as i said. Mostly what i am trying to do is connect pineapple to laptop and laptop to internet. I want to run tcpdump on my usb and have it log my activities that my android phone is doing. After that i will move onto something else.

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