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MedSchool Torture!!! o_0


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yes, today was one of the most funniest days in med school... i got some videos to share:

1- Class geek, looses his manhood and runs like a bitch


2- I get stabbed multiple times while trying to find the vain :shock: ... Notice how the assistance nurse stabs me allmost up to my musle.



3- what a dumbass!!! first he puts the needle 1/2 way into the deltoid musle, then he takes it out and says "Its not going in" :lol:... ps thats me giving the instructions


Hope you guys like this, i think u will since the serious nurse cracked, she had to bent over and sit on the floor laughing at this ppl! :lol: Sorry for the quality (its my cellphone) , and for it not beeing on youtube since i havent had time to edit it.

Feedback plz... wanna read what u think about this :lol: maybe ill put some surguries or some E.R feeds up here if u like em... or just the funny stuff that happends. Ur choice...

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