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Mk4 With Only 4mb :(


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It would appear that I'm in possession of a couple of sub-standard MK4 equivalents :(

I've got something that resembles the MK4 but only half as good, it appears to only have 4Mb of Flash.

Is there a means to do a partial install, and then make up the rest with the USB port?

I'm intending to have my MK4.0.duh permy attached to a BeagleBone, so could potentially have some NFS action there too

(thus freeing up the USB for 3g)

If compressing the build requires converting from one programming language to another, I'll give it a shot.

With any luck my efforts in this direction might enable an overpowered MK4.x .

Heres to hoping I dont have two unbricked bricks ;)



DISCLAIMER: In my haste to join the fray from lands far from the hallowed halls of Hak5 I have made a malformed decision :(

At any rate I have a functional MK3 so all fun is not yet lost :) this is merely an attempt to move forward with half what I really need.

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Or if someone would like to point me in the direction of some real hardware hacking, I could potentially replace the 4Mb,

with something a more to my liking, like an 8meg or 16 meg chip.

I dont mind toasting one in the process of trying :D

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Having only 4mb of flash is pretty bad as the operating system itself requires a lot of space.

Then, any additional programs we require which are built into the firmware also take up space.

In the end, the 8mb MK4s only really have around 2mb of usable space left.

If you give me the exact model of the board you have I can send you a firmware for it. At your own risk.



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