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Need Some Ideas


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Determine its flame retardant capabilites. Burn it in a fire.

Determine its collision avoidance capabilities. Beat it with a hammer.

Determine if it makes a delicious shake. See if it blends.

Determine the crushing force it can take. Run it over.

Determine whether you can take it scuba diving. Drop it in a full tub.

Determine if it would survive an ice age (or at least alaska). Put it in the freezer.

Determine if it will protect you in a gun fight. Shoot it.

I'm sure I could think of a couple more thing that the device is usefully for. Unfortunately Belkin in my experience certainly isn't good for actual networking use. Very unreliable.

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I doubt that Belkin wireless adapter even supports raw monitoring or packet injecting.

I would suggest get rid of it and buy something better, like an Alfa Wireless Card.

Also that's another thing I hate about technology sometimes, things get out of dated too quickly and in certain situations you can't do much with it.

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Ok , just looked at the manual for this thing , the version I saw only supported WEP (which is not too great these days) does your version only do this ? as for packet injection yeah thats a no-no as this device actually connects to an ethernet port similar to using a DD-WRT in client mode. The manual on the first page actually states 'connect your gaming console or ethernet PC to a FASTER wireless network' erm ,yeah... 802.11g???? however you may get some form of linux distro on there , or maybe for a VOIP phone in your shack? or to connect your raspberry PI for streaming?

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