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Wifi Pineapple Firmware


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I went to the upgrade tab choose the file and it does not upgrade the file disappears when I click on upgrade. This is the issue and it stays on Firmware 1.0.

make sure it's named upgrade.bin if not it wont work if it's not upgrade.bin re-download.

try ping -t before upgrading to see when the pineapple goes down.

when you click upgrade it seems to take a long time then you can see the pineapple blinking differently before it restarts.

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yes the file I downloaded those say upgrade.bin. It still acts the same way. I downloaded the file then made sure it is upgrade.bin. the files size is 6778KB. I connect the ethernet cable to PPoe ethernet. I then ping the IP i get a reply then I go to the chrome browser connect to the pineapple then put in my username and password then go to upgrade tab choose the file then hit upgrade the file disappears. Nothing happens? Please let me know what I am doing wrong should I choose another web browser

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