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Ferret/hamster And Mkiv


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I've searched for a while, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong... everything runs as it appears it should, and some stuff does show up on hamster (all from the same IP, but that is to be expected) but no cookies, and clicking on things normally gives nothing (unless it was an image, those appear...). I've tried with a few sites, like gmail/facebook/etc and got nothing on all of them.

Could someone walk me through how to do this, since I'm obviously failing at it... or does it just not work with this setup? Is there another/better way to do sidejacking with the MKIV?

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I'm pretty sure to use ferret, wlan0 must slip into monitor mode. Karma and programs such as ferret, which also use wlan0 for communicating with it's clients, are in-compatible. Need another interface to 'listen' on?

I think....

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