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Ettercap Arp Poisoning Problem


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I have been playing around with Ettercap ARP poisoning and I can't seem to get it to work. I have followed many tutorials but it still failed.

So if any of you have sucessfully done ettercap arp poisoning then please could you help me out by posting your step by step here. It doesn't have to be long :)

I would love to get any help from you and I appreciate any help.

Thank you so much.

Some info:

The OS is BackTrack 5 R2 and it is running in virtualbox in bridged with promiscuous mode on

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Try setting up a victim guest VM and switching the network mode on your attack and victim VMs to NAT. I haven't used ettercap in VMs before, so YMMV. When in doubt, fire up tcpdump and start looking at what's happening on the network.

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I had a bit of playing around and testing it out. When I tried DNS spoof on my own router it works but if I tried it on the subnet it doesn't work. I have a feeling that because our DNS server is on different subnet the dns spoof won't work. Am I right?

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