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Trouble With 3g Dongle Zte Mf626


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Hello all,

I only have limited linux knowledge, currently studing.

I have changed the 3g script to my vendor id and product id.

I think my problem is activating the modem , I dont know how to do this,

Next Problem...

I have read Draisberghof usb_modeswitch site and I cannot seem to be able to find the

usb_modeswitch.conf when I ssh:, I need to edit the conf file.

As per Draisberghof site

There is a problematic handling of devices with ID 19d2:2000 in kernels 2.6.26 to 2.6.28. This affects mostly ZTE devices and makes the "usb-storage" driver ignore the ID. In turn this will prevent proper initialization and may cause switching to fail. There is no other way around this than compiling your own kernel with some tiny edits. See Kernel related issues below for details.

For debugging of the automated system integration, edit (as root or su) /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf in a text editor and change the line




This gives you a verbose output of the hotplug activity to /var/log/usb_modeswitch_<device>.

This is the id of my device ZTE mf626, but not having much luck.

I get the pineapple control to recognise my mf626 in the 3g tab, but nothing on status about the 3g.

Any help will be great, i appreciate your time

Thanks again Darren, Snubs and the rest of the crew.


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